Are some slot machines looser than others

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When it comes to slots, the word 'loose' can be deceiving

Slot Machine Tips - Tricks & Secrets to Play Slots and Win Big Slot Machine Tips. Millions of people play slot machines around the world and online every day. Slot machines are probably the most popular form of gaming on the planet, and you won’t have to go far in many major cities or towns to find a casino or bar with some slot machines. Slot Machine Myths Explained – Learn the Facts About Slots You can choose which types of slots games to play, and some types of slot machine games offer better odds than others. For example, a game with a fixed jackpot almost always offers a better chance of winning than a game with a progressive jackpot. Games with higher denominations almost always offer better odds than other games. Loose Slots, Loose Slot Machines & How To Find A Loose ... Loose Slots Loose slots are considered the slot machines that pay out more frequently than other slot machines. Loose slots are always the slot machines most popular with the players and are the most sought after. Of course any player will seek out and play a game that frequently rewards them. The Logic of Loose in Slot Machines ⋆ Casino Player ...

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I Visited More Than 100 Casinos. Here Are the 7 Things You ... That said, some are popular for a reason—they may be “looser” than other machines and pay out more. If you put a $100 bill into a slot (today’s machines no longer take or dispense coins) and play it out—say you hit the bet button 100 times on a $1 machine—you should actually get about $90 back.

I Visited More Than 100 Casinos. Here Are the 7 Things You ...

Ask the Slot Expert: The truth about loose slot machines Nov 29, 2017 · Looser should mean that you win more money on the machine than on the others on the slot floor, but a machine that pays back more may not give an obvious indication that it is more generous. A Double Diamond can be made looser just by changing one of the virtual stops from a … Ask the Slot Expert: Which machines pay better?

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How to Find Loose Slot Machines That is that online slot machines are looser across the board than real, land based machines and there is a significant difference between the RTP %s you will routinely find in each realm.